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Sanoscy's Dojo Score 7704
Gender: Male
Location: Lightness, Virginia, United States
Birthday: March 5, 1992
Joined: October 19, 2008
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September 15
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Apr 13, 2013:1st of 9 in Unity (Brawl Doubles) at Unity (Doubles Tournament)
Oct 02, 2011:1st of 9 in Sunday Doubles at Sakram3nt's sunday doubles! all tiers (MUST GO ON
Jun 27, 2010:1st of 15 in Brawl Doubles at *MilftanK* doubles

*Red's Weeklies: Doubles*
1st place Doubles
Dec 27, 2009

Kirrrby and Platypus unite for an EPIC doubles!!!
1st place Doubles
Nov 29, 2008

King_Dark's Double$ III
2nd place Doubles
Mar 06, 2009

Unity (Doubles Tournament)
1st place Unity (Brawl Doubles)
Apr 13, 2013

ClintonKe wrote at 4:28 PM on Oct 15, 2014:
Oh and I don't know if you have Smash for 3DS but I do
ClintonKe wrote at 4:20 PM on Oct 15, 2014:
Guess which dumb *** can't get into his old account?
num1IkeLinkTeam wrote at 7:01 PM on Oct 03, 2014:
Thanks for the b-day wish man! just got the 3ds version today...they nerfed ike and mk -__- not happy lol
LNIAD wrote at 6:49 AM on Aug 26, 2014:
My bad for taking long to get online yesterday bro T_T! We can play later today if you are on again :)
LNIAD wrote at 11:05 PM on Aug 26, 2014:
Sanoscy come back to freeplay!! T_T
Waldo wrote at 9:14 AM on Aug 17, 2014:
Other brother god bless you too and enjoy the Sunday!
Admin SaxophoneofTime wrote at 8:43 AM on Aug 08, 2014:
meta knight is my god
Claw wrote at 8:07 PM on Aug 06, 2014:
The Faker wrote at 5:59 PM on Jul 19, 2014:
Do you still go onthis site or smash?
num1IkeLinkTeam wrote at 2:09 PM on May 25, 2014:

Ive heard that swords will start falling from the sky in months ahead...you ready to start the storm? e_e