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blog_img VJ2 pause screen mad good.
11:08 AM on Sep 10, 2010
blog_img Girls are so cute.
4:04 PM on Sep 8, 2010
blog_img For those who don't know...
6:13 PM on Aug 24, 2010
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The Virgo ...

The Super Smash Bros. Series (N64 to BRAWL!!!) · Respectful Smashers · I main Zelda because I like playing as her, but if anyone asks it's because she's HOT · ☆SWF~AiB☆ · I like girls · I had to explain that Sheik is a girl, and Zelda doesn't turn into a guy. · I didn't choose my main after looking at a tier list · African-American Brawlers · Zelda Mainerz · Don't Quit! · East Coast · INSANE FFA'S!!!!! · Left-handed · PowerStone · Pretty Pretty Princess Club for Boys and Girls · I Love Video Game Music · Never give up · Competitive Respect · PARENTS ARE A HUGE DISTRACTION! · Admit it, "Ai no Uta" is a kickass song! · GameFreaks · I only use a specific color of my character. · Yuri Appreciation Group · I ROOL MY SCHOOL XD · Low/Mid Tier Crew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! · what is this i dont even... · The Low Tier Respect Group · Smashing since N64. · You Gotta Believe! - The Parappa the Rapper Appreciation Group · WHAT THE?!?! · Hank Hill fan club · I Listen to Music When I Brawl. · Low Tier Heroes · Teen Titans! · Connecticut Smashers · I find it impossible to quit my first main. · Mario Super Smash Bros Brawl Mario! · Brawl Players Who have Hacked Wiis · *~~*Shakugan No Shana*~~* · People with amazing avatars · Avatar: The Last Airbender · Hero Smashers · I suck at Meta-Knight · We Miss Mewtwo! · The Anaki Fanclub! · Red / Black Skin · We Love Game Dialogue · I Have Matchup Problems. · I Have Way Too Many Saved Replays · Atheists · Triforce Tier · Insane FFA w/ Items on. · I try to double jump in real life. · I join groups just to be in them but I don't really participate in anything they do. · Stop picking Final Destination! · The Touhou Group · Be a man. We must be swift as the coursing river. Be a man. With all the force of a great typhoon! · Oh God, somebody chose Hyrule Temple... · Soma's Art fan club · K-ON!/!! Fanclub · The Boondocks! · Doubles FTW · Brawlers of 1993 · LOL yo dat aint rite tho man wassup wit u · Sarcasm is my best friend · We play better when we're about to die · We witnessed BROOD beat M2K · The official Brood fanclub · Z-E-L-D-A · We Survived the discontinued day of SSBB wifi · Stop the Ivysaur hate · Cassandra Alexandra's Fan Club · Wifi Wolf · Official Mocha (Zelda player) Fanclub · The Zork Fanclub!! · I hate dumb people! · THE OFFICIAL CAPTAIN SMASH BROTHER FANCLUB!!!

Addicted to Wifi

Seiba's Dojo Score 2950
Name:Carl Anderson
Gender: Male
Location: New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Birthday: August 24, 1993
Joined: August 19, 2008
Favorite games:Brawl, of course, Melty Blood Act Cadenza, PSO/U, The World Ends With You, Soul Caliber 4, Gleam of Force, Yume Miru Kusuri, Capcom Vs. SNK 2, Bullet Witch, Es, Sonic Adventure 1&2, Phoenix Wright series, Xenosaga series, MVC 2, Persona 3/4, Battle Moon Wars 1-4, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, BLAY-BLUU, MBAA, Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, and Tekken 5: DR.
Brawl Friend Code:4854 6163 5115
Xbox Gamertag:ZeldaMainer
October 14
Seiba posted a shoutout to the group We Survived the discontinued day of SSBB wifi. 11:24 PM
April 19
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Jul 27, 2010:3rd of 29 in Singles at Afternoon Brawls
Jul 16, 2010:2nd of 16 in Single Elimination at Demonic-Souls Brawl Clan Tourney #2
Jul 09, 2010:13th of 86 in Singles at Bed Time Brawl 1

Low Vs High Tiers the war!
1st place Doubles
Jul 22, 2009

Demonic-Souls Brawl Clan Tourney #2
2nd place Single Elimination
Jul 16, 2010

Random Tourney 5
2nd place Brawl Singles
Feb 05, 2010

Items on Tourney! 2
2nd place Singles
Mar 08, 2009

Ezio wrote at 7:08 PM on Apr 19, 2013:
Wish you played me at my prime with link...
Miniova wrote at 8:26 PM on Mar 17, 2013:
Sup Sion
About me:"Open your magic circuit,
and choose your partner.
Images are magic.
There are internal images that develop out of thought,
experience and imagination,
and grow into stories of information,
narrative and fairytale,
touching the mind, the heart and the soul.
It will be power,
and become glorious."