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Shadow101's Dojo Score 2200
Name:Shadow The Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Location: Space Colony Ark, Manitoba, Canada
Birthday: May 24, 1997
Joined: March 14, 2009
Favorite games:SSBB, SSB, SSBM, The Sonic series, The Zelda series. (OOT and MM mostly.) The Fire Emblem Series. Final fantasy 7, dissidia 012, DBZ, Golden Sun series, and the Tales series.
Brawl Friend Code:2108 3554 2336
March 19
June 21
Shadow101 voted on the poll Should Double MK be Banned in Ladder?. 5:03 AM
June 11
Shadow101 uninstalled the game BlazBlue CS. 1:00 AM
Apr 10, 2009:49th of 57 in Singles at FALCON PAWNCH VS WARLOCK PUNCH!!

About me:I like hanging out with Friends, Playing video games, Boxing, and Brawl Hacking.