Staff Slayer

ShadowAce's Dojo Score 1450
Gender: Male
Location: Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Birthday: February 22, 1994
Joined: August 4, 2008
Favorite games:Super smash bros series,Star wars battlefront 1 and 2,Sly cooper series,Star Fox Assault.Mario Kart Wii and Custom robo
Brawl Friend Code:1848 3187 0970
Aug 29, 2008:7th of 17 in Doubles at Don't whine about doubleteaming;aka 2 on 1 tourney
Aug 29, 2008:17th of 30 in Singles at DotDo Singles #2
Aug 26, 2008:13th of 13 in Singles at East Coast Singles

About me:Well I obviously love Brawl and I like sailing which isnt too common these days.And i mean piloting the boat not just riding it.My Favorite characters are:
Meta Knight
Zero Suit Samus
I would also like to say that yes i use Meta Knight. I do not use him to be cheap or to just win. I've been playing as MK since Brawl come out. So im not gonna change just because some people dont like him.

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