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blog_img Guess I'm back in the game
8:40 AM on Oct 6, 2014
blog_img F-CK YOU APEX
3:15 PM on Jan 16, 2013
blog_img Why am I getting back into this game?
11:25 PM on Jul 29, 2012



LoF pwii

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October 6
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January 16
Shippo wrote a blog entry, "F-CK YOU APEX". 3:15 PM
Feb 01, 2011:5th of 5 in Brawl Singles, 17th of 46 in Brawl Singles Amateur at Pound V Brawl
Jan 16, 2011:49th of 77 in Singles, 25th of 28 in Doubles at KTAR 4 - One More Time
Nov 21, 2010:49th of 57 in Singles at Great Revival

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2nd place Doubles
Jun 16, 2010

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scrafty <3
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@FlamewaveK I love shippo <3