Shylak (banned)

Shylak's Dojo Score 1000
Name:Lylak Blazer
Gender: Female
Location: Farmingville, New York, United States
Birthday: November 17, 1995
Joined: August 21, 2011
Favorite games:Tetris, Mario Party, SSBB, Maple Story.
Brawl Friend Code:5415 4959 9099
March 23
Shylak left -Sol- a shoutout. 10:08 PM
Shylak left Midnite a shoutout. 8:15 PM
Mar 17, 2012:5th of 9 in Brawl Doubles at Two D's and an F

EdibleMuffin wrote at 9:20 AM on Mar 19, 2013:
About me:
Although I am a public figure, I'm still a little shy. I don't think my own personality is important. I prefer to keep some small dosage of privacy.