SlashTalon's Dojo Score 1150
Gender: Male
Location: Va Beach, Virginia, United States
Birthday: March 29, 1987
Joined: July 2, 2008
Favorite games:MGO, Metal Gear, Halo, Brawl, Devil May Cry, Jak, Ratchet, GTA.
Brawl Friend Code:2923 6064 1553
Xbox Gamertag:SlashTalonX
PSN Account:SlashTalonX
March 29
Today is SlashTalon's birthday! 12:01 AM
February 15
SlashTalon earned the kind of a big deal badge. 4:56 PM
December 28
SlashTalon earned the beach ball badge. 2:00 PM
Dec 11, 2010:17th of 30 in Project:M Singles, 5th of 6 in Singles Pools at Adventures of the Prima Vista