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5:25 PM on Oct 8, 2014
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11:20 PM on Aug 5, 2009

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SlayeZ's Dojo Score 7000
Gender: Male
Location: Columbia, Maryland, United States
Birthday: April 23, 1993
Joined: March 9, 2008
Favorite games:;)
Wii Number:3316 7972 3203 7465
Brawl Friend Code:1590 4344 7653
Xbox Gamertag:SlayeZ
PSN Account:VnG-SlayeZ (Vita)
3DS Friend Code:1332 7947 4481
October 12
SlayeZ earned the Ready for Relaunch badge. 4:09 PM
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October 9
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Feb 06, 2009:2nd of 22 in Doubles at It's not fair, And I don't care! 2 ~ Doubles!
Dec 06, 2008:3rd of 6 in Singles at Wisdom is Power Tournament
Sep 05, 2008:4th of 13 in Singles at Space Warriors 2

The Great Brawl Main Tournament Online 4
1st place East and South
May 23, 2008

__The Great Brawl Main Tournament Online 8_
3rd place East Coast Bracket
Aug 09, 2008

Chanmazap's random tourney time.
1st place Singles
Jul 26, 2008

Brawl Bash hax!
1st place Brawl Bash Hax
Jun 30, 2008

Loo wrote at 12:33 AM on Oct 09, 2014:
lol I been good, trying to get in some smash 3DS practice, haven't played much since the release.
Loo wrote at 12:04 AM on Oct 09, 2014:
Heey heeey, long time no see :)
About me:~Hi, im Varsona, otherwise known as Maximillian. I used to go by SlayeZ

Wow. It's been 7 years huh? Let's see. I love drawing, trying out new foods, weightlifting (I weigh about 147lb and my current big 3 is: 315lb bench, 375lb deadlift, 275lb squat) And Booty. Can't forget about booty.

Oh and I guess smash is pretty cool. Sometimes.

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East Coast Smasher; Ike main.