Boss Battles
Boss Battles
Boss Battles
"WHAT NEXT BRAIN?NARF!"THE SAME THING WE DO EVERYNIGHT PINKY.. PLAY MORE BRAWL"! · Olimar/Pikmin · Wifi Failures! · Yoshi is the cutest thing alive! · sometimes i go on brawl just to listen to the music · The Yoshi Mains · I freaking hate the edge of Final Destination! · Friends of Mr. Game & Watch · We used G&W before we was cool · I kill everything I see in Paper Mario · I collect star bits in Mario Galaxy even though all my Lumas are already fat · Runescape Veterans · I Hate people that say "Tiers are for queers"!!! · squirtle drowns in water · The Low Tier Respect Group · I play epic music while I do the dishes · I pick up CD's in Wifi even though I already have all of the songs unlocked. · I purposely DI into pits side B just to see how long the player will keep holding it · Bite my shiny metal *** · Animal Crossing City Folk Rocks · The Shadow Temple and Well From OoT Has Scarred Me For Life · RETURN THE SLAB OR SUFFER MY CURSE! · People who can't draw worth a **** · Seabass For The Epic Win · Pokemon Trainer Appreciation Group · I make up random combos that shouldn't ever work but somehow do. · Pictochat should be a CP · I'm always tripping, but my opponent NEVER trips! · Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door · SOUR SKITTLES!!! · Teen Titans! · Stupidest "John" You've Overheard · Worldwide College Brawlers! · Valdens's Movie Stream Fan Group · xkcd fans · Haloman800's Hermit Crab Fan Club · Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask · Super Mario Galaxy 2! · I'm getting a 3DS! · Monster Hunter Tri Association · YOUR STREAK ENDS HERE · My Little Pony Friendship is Magic


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Gender: Male
Location: Stillwater, Minnesota, United States
Birthday: July 24, 1991
Joined: December 6, 2008
Favorite games:the kind that are played on the teevee
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About me:Not very active anymore