Starline's Dojo Score 600
Gender: Male
Location: Arlington, Virginia, United States
Birthday: January 1, 1990
Joined: August 6, 2012
Favorite games:Smash Bros, Pokemon
Brawl Friend Code:1162 6969 0400
October 11
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August 2
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July 14
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July 6
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June 17

XXXPEACEXXX wrote at 12:59 AM on Sep 10, 2014:
yo could you help me with dolphin recording?
EdibleMuffin wrote at 6:52 AM on Mar 19, 2013:
Lots of free manga for you read at Delicious Manga
{EBK} Birdy wrote at 11:06 PM on Dec 09, 2012:
ggs! Sorry I had to run away from the chat a lot
About me:Northern Virginia Smash player. Going for top 10 in MD/VA.