Streak's Dojo Score 1250
Gender: Male
Location: Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States
Birthday: April 5, 1993
Joined: June 12, 2008
Favorite games:Brawl, World of Warcraft, Warcraft III, Starcraft, Most 64 games, Kingdom Hearts series, Metal Gear Solid, and many, many other games.
Brawl Friend Code:0903 2402 1909
August 8
Streak installed the game Naruto Shippuden: CONR3. 12:32 PM
Streak uninstalled the game Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus. 12:32 PM
Nov 28, 2008:13th of 19 in Doubles at TEH M1NDG4M3Z!!1!!1 Doubles #4
Oct 04, 2008:13th of 20 in Doubles at RyGo's Doubles 3
Sep 13, 2008:7th of 9 in Doubles at TEH M1NDG4M3Z!!1!!1 Doubles #3

RyGo's Doubles 2
3rd place Doubles
Sep 06, 2008

About me:I'm pretty much the coolest person in the world :D