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blog_img How tall are you?
9:48 PM on Apr 27, 2012
blog_img I got to get me one of these.....
10:54 PM on Aug 23, 2011
blog_img School Starts Tomorrow
10:02 PM on Aug 12, 2009
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TJaguar's Dojo Score 5350
Gender: Male
Location: St.Louis, Missouri, United States
Birthday: February 2, 1993
Joined: March 7, 2008
Favorite games:SSBB, Most pokemon games, Kingdom Hearts 1&2,Tekken,Turtles in Time, Tales of Symphonia, Mario Kart series, Lost Kingdom 2, Sonic Advanture battle 2, and Mario Strikers Charged
Wii Number:6064 8469 9589 3939
Brawl Friend Code:1547 4914 8070
PSN Account:TJaguar28
February 1
Today is TJaguar's birthday! 10:00 PM
January 5
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July 14
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June 19
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Feb 26, 2010:46th of 46 in Singles at N/A Weekly 6
Jan 21, 2010:9th of 13 in Singles at Derp! Wifail Shitty Connection Brawl Singles #1
Dec 20, 2009:17th of 28 in Singles at Gardex's 3rd lazy try at a singles tourney

1337PGN's Item Tourney #4: Assist Trophy
3rd place Singles
Sep 08, 2008

All Aboard The Rainbow Cruise! : Set Sail
4th place Singles
Dec 09, 2008

The Casual Romance
4th place Singles
Apr 23, 2009

MoonScar wrote at 11:22 PM on Oct 25, 2014:
heya jag
ShadowSlash wrote at 10:09 AM on Feb 02, 2014:
Happy birthday!
VickiIcarusChan wrote at 11:22 PM on Feb 02, 2014:
Happy birthday!
Palutenas Finest - Admiral Pit wrote at 11:16 PM on Feb 02, 2014:
Happy Birthday again.
Senobekim wrote at 11:02 PM on Feb 02, 2014:
Happy birthday! (for 2014 haha)
TJaguar wrote at 1:23 AM on Feb 03, 2013:
Thanks for all the b day shoutouts ^_^
Coolwhip wrote at 2:08 PM on Feb 02, 2013:
Happy b-day
ShadowSlash wrote at 12:40 PM on Feb 02, 2013:
Happy birthday!
{EBK} PumpkinSpice wrote at 1:33 AM on Feb 02, 2013:
Happy Birthday TJag
Palutenas Finest - Admiral Pit wrote at 12:22 AM on Feb 02, 2013:
Happy Birthday...
About me:Im pretty much a lame and a noob. That is all

Pit FTW!!!!!

Awesome Sig Made By FireBomb

Thanks Ueko ^_^

By FireBomb
Riku Owns!!!!!!

Made by the Legendary Nino ^_^ I love Raichu hes my favorite pokemon

Gotenks the best fusion ever!

But Broly owns all saiyans hands down

8 Trigrams 64 Palms!!!!!!!!

Lovely sig made by The Legendary Nino!!!!!