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blog_img I haven't posted a blog in years...
2:55 AM on May 11, 2013
blog_img So...Slash has got me thinking...
12:45 AM on Nov 26, 2010
blog_img The Way of the King: Right of Power!
5:38 PM on Aug 15, 2010
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Takeshi's Dojo Score 3254
Gender: Male
Location: Connecticut, United States
Birthday: September 29, 1991
Joined: October 9, 2007
Favorite games:Super Mario series, Kingdom Hearts, Ratchet and Clank series, Gears of War, Guilty Gear, Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Star Fox 64, Super Smash Brothers Melee, Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive, Devil May Cry series, Megaman X4 and X5, and others.
Wii Number:3725 2618 0878 4663
Brawl Friend Code:5370 5772 1230
Xbox Gamertag:Takeshi245
PSN Account:For Riza...maybe.
October 23
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October 21
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May 11, 2009:7th of 13 in Singles at A East Coast Smash: A Monday Brawl

Wigz wrote at 5:34 PM on Oct 27, 2014:
Takeshi you dirty mofo! how you been?
Coolwhip wrote at 4:12 PM on Oct 24, 2014:
Takeshi, how ya been bro?!
Mampam wrote at 8:49 PM on Oct 23, 2014:
had class today lol, YO DAT WIIU HYPE DOH!!
{EBK} PumpkinSpice wrote at 8:11 PM on Oct 23, 2014:
LOL yep it's me. What's up!?
ExJackSilver wrote at 1:32 AM on Oct 22, 2014:
Long time no see.
Poog wrote at 11:58 PM on Oct 22, 2014:
I remember you too~
Mampam wrote at 10:36 PM on Oct 22, 2014:

Coolwhip wrote at 12:52 PM on Mar 13, 2014:
100 years!
Johnknight1 wrote at 11:58 PM on Feb 26, 2014:

Singularity wrote at 5:05 AM on May 12, 2013:
Has indeed! Long time no speak stranger! :)
How the devil are you man?!
About me:I'm just a sociable guy that likes to help people along with fooling around for laughs. I do believe that I'm somewhat proficient in fighting games and just about love gaming in general. It's why we're all here, right? Do your best to make life as fun as you can.

Also, I present to you my BlazBlue main!

Thanks, ExJackSilver! *Grins*

Thanks to him, I was able to level up to this!

Thanks, Riza! *Grins*

You will not be forgotten, NES n00b...