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9:22 PM on Dec 9, 2012
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Tesh's Dojo Score 2500
Gender: Male
Location: Houston, Texas, United States
Birthday: July 2, 1991
Joined: November 30, 2008
Wii Number:4900 1307 8524 6763
Brawl Friend Code:4897 9533 2378
Xbox Gamertag:TeshNeoteny
March 15
Tesh dropped the Shine Sprite . 3:45 PM
March 12
Tesh caught the Shine Sprite from Aria Hatsune. 3:37 PM
February 4
Tesh and kj22NP are now friends. 9:18 PM
October 14
Tesh is attending Smashcon Summer Edition. 9:08 PM
August 22
Tesh left Mocha a shoutout. 5:15 PM
Jul 27, 2013:9th of 11 in Singles, 2nd of 12 in YOLO at Ooples Monthly
Jan 20, 2013:2nd of 4 in Brawl Singles, 7th of 12 in Brawl Bracket at Smashcon: Winter Edition
Jul 18, 2011:7th of 13 in 1v1 at Sync's Sex Saloon 7

Ooples Monthly
2nd place YOLO
Jul 27, 2013

Ozzfest 4
3rd place Waseda 2v2
Apr 23, 2011

Ozzfest 4
4th place Doubles
Apr 23, 2011

Mocha wrote at 4:52 AM on Aug 27, 2013:
Think I'm kinda late lol, but thanks for the head's up
Shrek wrote at 12:41 AM on Jul 05, 2013:
Happy late birthday mon!
Demura wrote at 5:20 AM on Jul 04, 2013:
Happy late b-day man.
Savage wrote at 8:59 PM on Jul 02, 2013:
happy bday
Aria Hatsune wrote at 3:59 PM on Jul 02, 2013:
Happy Birthday Tesh!
Brawlman1000 wrote at 5:33 AM on Jul 02, 2013:
Happy birthday man!
GOG wrote at 10:31 PM on Jul 02, 2013:
Happy Birthday Tesh! Have a good one!
Mocha wrote at 4:44 AM on Jun 30, 2013:
How'd the tourney go? How'd you do?
Mocha wrote at 10:05 AM on Jun 28, 2013:
I didn't know you had a pocket Mario. I got one too lol, but I don't consider him a 'real low tier' of mine.

It looks very likely that I won't be going though, but I appreciate you keeping me to to date on tournies here and there. I will probably be going to one, or several for the rest of the year as a kind of 'good-bye' to Brawl and a welcome to Smash 4.
Mocha wrote at 8:53 AM on Jun 27, 2013:
True, though I've been working a bit lately so I'm not sure if I'll be able to find a time to go practice before this weekend. However I SHOULD have this weekend free, so I might be able to go to the tourney. But no answer for sure yet on that.

When you say Low Tiers, do you mean only Low Tiers, or Mid Tiers included?
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