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TheHitman's Dojo Score 1100
Name:The Hitman
Gender: Male
Location: Pennsylvania, United States
Birthday: September 25, 1993
Joined: April 19, 2009
Favorite games:Pokes, Smash, Random Fighters
Brawl Friend Code:2450 4082 6475
February 17
TheHitman earned the needs a recount badge. 7:03 PM
TheHitman voted on the poll How long will this poll be on the front page?. 7:03 PM
Dec 11, 2009:7th of 13 in Doubles at Attack of the Fuzzies (Part 5 (Doubles))
Aug 07, 2009:1st of 15 in Pokemon Singles at LMSYT 3: This Time It's Personal
Aug 04, 2009:1st of 10 in Singles at QmasterMKII's Pokemon Weekly

LMSYT 3: This Time It's Personal
1st place Pokemon Singles
Aug 07, 2009

The Pokemon Tourney 5
1st place Pokemon Singles
Aug 03, 2009

SuPerKiNG's First Doubles
2nd place Doubles
Jul 31, 2009

About me:I'm the hitman
Stand aside
I'm the hitman
I want your life
Ain't no escaping
Don't run and hide
There goes the neighborhood
I'm gonna kill for your love

Now don't you cry
I'm just it man
And you might get fried
Gun in my pocket
Don't get me wrong
I'll be your hitman - a fool for your love

I'm the head shredder -
That's better -
Baby baby baby

I'm the hitman - hitman - hitman!
Yeah - trouble in the East, troubled in the West
Struggle with the beast - what a thief, what a pest
Come back mother, Nuke that sucker
Yeah - yeah - yeah
(Dwade003 on GFaws)
I'm the hitman
I'm your prize
But this hitman -
Can cut you down to size
Love me (baby)
Don't be so cool
Love me love me baby
I've been to the hitman school
Yeah - yeah

You're gonna make my day
Gonna blow you away

When the fun begins...
Are you ready for the sting?
Gonna waste that thing!



The Miami Hurricanes are my life, plain and simple

**** You Jacory + ****ty ACC refs, 4 INTs and a Horse**** Call ruins another possible BCS season. Still spanked GT for their only loss, still happy about that one. If we win out we can still spank ND in the Gator, fingers crossed.