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blog_img This would make me watch pokemon again
7:12 PM on Nov 28, 2012
blog_img Gangnam Stylei meets Marching band
10:54 AM on Sep 25, 2012
blog_img How I play Graves
6:15 PM on Sep 13, 2012



chunky bunz




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November 28
TheMetaknightLiesBroken wrote a blog entry, "This would make me watch pokemon again". 7:12 PM
November 19
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Apr 02, 2011:13th of 21 in TTime Singles at Tasting Time 5!
Oct 03, 2010:5th of 12 in Brawl Doubles at Vulcan GameBox Smash Tournament VI
Jul 23, 2010:13th of 16 in Singles at Arban's Pokemon D/P/Pt/HG/SS Tournament #⑨

Arban's Themed Pokemon D/P/Pt/HG/SS Tournament #1
3rd place Singles
Jul 01, 2010

Triforce Tier Tourney
3rd place New event
Mar 06, 2010

Arban's Pokemon D/P/Pt/HG/SS Tournament #7
4th place Singles
Jul 02, 2010

Arban's Pokemon D/P/Pt/HG/SS Tournament #4
4th place Singles
Jun 04, 2010

Remss wrote at 3:33 AM on Dec 20, 2013:
Paying my respects to a overall great individual. Hopefully I get sent to heaven just like you have, so we can meet again in the future.

Farewell for now, Kyle. Still miss u. :(
BoZ wrote at 6:55 PM on Sep 18, 2013:
You always said I'd be back on AllisBrawl again after I was perma-banned.
I just hate to come back knowing you're not here to say, "lolboz, I told you so."

Rest in peace, man. You'll be missed.
Satanik wrote at 10:05 PM on Jul 29, 2013:
Remember when we were asked to move desks to a different classroom... and you got one stuck on your head? Had to eventually use a stick of butter to free you.

Pales in comparison to you streaking across the highway, then later nearly getting us thrown from the club. Still my favorite party, crazy hooligan.

I miss you Kyle.
Saffy wrote at 2:25 PM on Jul 05, 2013:
We miss you. RIP <3
-Smash King- wrote at 9:34 PM on Apr 11, 2013:
Darkflame117 wrote at 9:49 PM on Apr 04, 2013:
R.I.P. man.
Slither2Hunter wrote at 12:02 AM on Apr 03, 2013:
So sad that you passed away....R.I.P. =/
Mittenkiss wrote at 11:36 PM on Apr 03, 2013:
haven't gone on AiB in forever. Came on to say rest in peace, brother. It was a pleasure playing League with you. <3
Pizza wrote at 5:57 PM on Apr 02, 2013:
You were a fun guy man. Truly happened too soon. RIP.
[T.T.D] EMG l Blacktwins13 wrote at 4:15 PM on Apr 02, 2013:
About me:*Welcome to Irelia's Remarkable Memories:

ETW wrote at 12:16 AM on Jul 01, 2010:
I always knew you resembled Oprah.