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TheReflexWonder's Dojo Score 3050
Name:Luis Enrique Torres
Gender: Male
Location: Phenix City, Alabama, United States
Birthday: May 29, 1990
Joined: May 21, 2008
Brawl Friend Code:0906 3113 1941
October 8
TheReflexWonder earned the 2013 Spring Project M Ladder Top 4 badge. 9:59 PM
May 28
Today is TheReflexWonder's birthday! 10:00 PM
May 16
TheReflexWonder left Revpointo a shoutout. 8:31 AM
TheReflexWonder voted on the poll New Ladder Season is up! New Ladders to try out!. 7:41 AM
Feb 16, 2011:1st of 7 in Bulldog Brawl, 1st of 16 in Bulldog Brawl Bracket at The Bulldog Brawl
Jan 29, 2011:2nd of 13 in Brawl Doubles, 1st of 30 in Brawl Singles at Vulcan GameBox Smash Tournament VII
Oct 19, 2010:25th of 37 in Doubles at Tipped Off 6

Vulcan GameBox Brawl Tournament V
1st place Doubles
Apr 18, 2009

Vulcan GameBox Smash Tournament VI
2nd place Brawl Singles
Oct 03, 2010

Vulcan GameBox Smash Tournament VI
2nd place Brawl Doubles
Oct 03, 2010

Vulcan GameBox Brawl Tournament V
2nd place Singles
Apr 18, 2009

MetaBowser wrote at 9:25 PM on May 25, 2013:
do you have aib cards?
LightStar wrote at 5:07 PM on May 18, 2013:
Yeee alabama<3
Revpointo wrote at 4:26 PM on May 16, 2013:
Hey could you teach me how to play wario in P:M later... he's like the only character i have a grasp for and i have no idea how i'm supposed to play him
About me:I see only one move ahead, but it is always the correct one.