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blog_img I suck *** at Marvel vs Capcom 2.
9:45 AM on Nov 25, 2010
blog_img I learned something today
4:38 PM on Apr 24, 2010




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Tommy's Dojo Score 2701
Name:Ben Musick
Gender: Male
Location: Temecula, California, United States
Birthday: February 22, 1992
Joined: March 4, 2008
Favorite games:My top 10 games are Super Smash Bros. _____(insert 64, Melee or Brawl), Sonic Unleashed (360), Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, the handheld Pokemon games, Sonic Heroes, Sonic and the Black Knight and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. I love lots of games but those 10 are the best!
Wii Number:1869 0926 0564 4477
Brawl Friend Code:0259 0243 8466
Xbox Gamertag:Tommy XD001
November 25
Tommy wrote a blog entry, "I suck *** at Marvel vs Capcom 2.". 9:45 AM
November 24
Tommy installed the game Marvel vs. Capcom 2. 4:47 PM
November 20
Apr 06, 2010:13th of 16 in Brawl Singles at Deluxe Midnight Booty Train (livestream)
Apr 11, 2009:9th of 14 in Singles at TSG Temecula Night Time Weeklys #14
Apr 04, 2009:9th of 13 in Singles at TSG Temecula Night Time Weeklys #13

102 wrote at 10:34 AM on Oct 24, 2014:
Why call you two different names tho?
About me:You can call me either Ben or Tommy...they're both actual names, so it doesn't matter much. lol

I use Sonic, so I'm probably gonna lose. But I still put up a fight.

You're probably wondering why I use the name Tommy. Well, here goes.
In 2003, I joined the Nintendo NSider Forums. I chose the name TomNooksSonTommy since I was obsessed with Animal Crossing. I made like 2 posts before I stopped going.
Later, in 2005, Animal Crossing: Wild World came out, and I went back. I hung out for 5 months, then they showed the first Brawl trailer. I hung out at the Smash boards there. Soon enough, people just started calling me Tommy.
Then, that November, I found a site called As The Light Fades, which was a site an exclusive group of NSiders. I joined before it became exclusive(they probably wouldn't have let me in 6 months later lol). I joined up there as Tommy, and it just stuck.
When NSider went down, the NSider2 forums were made soon after, and I registered as Tommy there too. Of course, by then I had realized it sucked, so I didn't go on very often after that. Now I don't go on at all.
Strangly, I still get e-mails from them saying "We miss you!". That's nice, because, I'm not going back unless it's for gits and shiggles.