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TreK's Dojo Score 1200
Gender: Male
Location: France, Europe, France
Birthday: February 4, 1993
Joined: September 14, 2008
Brawl Friend Code:2406 6637 8150
February 3
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September 18
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August 18
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Jul 23, 2010:0th of 0 in Singles Pools at Bushido Brawl Impact
Nov 13, 2009:7th of 40 in Super Sentai's Tourney n°2 at Super Sentai's Tourney n°2
Oct 29, 2009:7th of 34 in Singles at Super Sentai's Tourney n°1

SSB-France Quickies 1
4th place Singles
Nov 09, 2008

About me:Hi, I'm just your fellow French Luigi+Diddy main, been playing smash since june '08, in tourneys since june '09.

I play wifi sometimes but only with MK and the random button, I never play my mains there. mail me if you want some matches.

I'm part of the current top French crew, Smash'n-Frag, which has been raping every European wifi crew for two years and is now led by Kai, Neath and Shadô. I realized our crew combo video, check it out =)

I'm only known for the hundreds of tricks I know and use, mostly for the useless ones.