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Smash Circle Showcase: 3rd Anniversary!
Smashville, Washington, D.C.,
Jul 4, 2069
Hosted by Kperfekt
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TrueLuigiFan (inactive)

TrueLuigiFan's Dojo Score 700
Name:Wing_voyts/The Luigi Fan
Gender: Male
Location: Baltimore,mushroom kingdom, Maryland, United States
Birthday: December 9, 2002
Joined: August 10, 2013
Favorite games:Ssb64&ssbb mario games,pikmin 2 i wish i hav it
Brawl Friend Code:3526 2982 1965
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Hawk wrote at 2:07 PM on Aug 05, 2014:
Add me on 3DS if you got one
Hawk wrote at 11:19 PM on Apr 20, 2014:
Remember me you RQ'r?
Do you remember me.
SilviatheKawaiiLucario wrote at 1:06 AM on Feb 21, 2014:
Cool picture ^^
Dragum Kirisute wrote at 10:01 PM on Feb 07, 2014:
Don't listen to Falcomaster56 Zivy or Yuma4....
they don't know anything about you dude.. so you either block them or tell them to stfu
Linus wrote at 2:58 PM on Jan 31, 2014:
So you have AIB...I'm (1 of 2) Blade
Link Master wrote at 8:56 PM on Jan 25, 2014:
u r 1 year older than me. lol
Yuma4 wrote at 8:37 PM on Jan 17, 2014:
Dude u suck you be asking your noob friends to triple team
Black Reaper wrote at 9:02 PM on Jan 16, 2014:
bro.. you better not say stuff to zivy .. because you suck at brawl.. and your useless.. Air~
Vagus Croconaw wrote at 4:59 PM on Jan 13, 2014:
IDGAF about you I never did you and your sucky *** luigi can get a life I ****ing beat your *** the other your the one that sucks...LMFAO XDDD TrueLuigiFan....GTFO.....a ****ing noob is better then you!!! XDDDDDD
SFFAN wrote at 7:38 PM on Jan 10, 2014:
don't call me stupid or I will disfriend you
About me:i dont have melee

Call me The Luigi Fan True Luigi Fan $hity name
YouTube channel dinorasanchez70 and FU¢K google+