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Tulat's Dojo Score 5150
Gender: Male
Location: Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States
Birthday: September 25, 1992
Joined: July 16, 2008
Favorite games:Smash Bros. series, Sonic the Hedgehog Series, Pikmin Series, Super Mario Series, Metal Gear Solid Series... Paper Mario Series (except SPM), Halo Series, Legend of Zelda Series, Fire Emblem Series, Pokemon Series... Bloddy Roar Series, Luigi's Mansion, F-ZeroGX, StarCraft, Starfox Assault, Mario kart DD, Yoshi's Island Snes... Monster Hunter Tri, Elder scrolls IV Oblivion, Custom Robo, Lost Kingdoms 2, AC:CF, Dead or alive 4............ The list goes on and on, there are too many to name.
September 25
Today is Tulat's birthday! 12:00 AM
August 7
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September 25
Today is Tulat's birthday! 12:01 AM
September 28
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Feb 24, 2012:2nd of 16 in Singles at Tulat's Colosseum
Oct 21, 2011:2nd of 13 in ~Devine Knights Tourney 3~ Human Theme at ~Devine Knights Tourney 3~ Human Theme
Oct 07, 2011:1st of 13 in ~Devine Knights Tourney 1~ at ~Devine Knights Tourney 1~

~Devine Knights Tourney 1~
1st place ~Devine Knights Tourney 1~
Oct 07, 2011

Tulat's Colosseum
2nd place Singles
Feb 24, 2012

~Devine Knights Tourney 3~ Human Theme
2nd place ~Devine Knights Tourney 3~ Human Theme
Oct 21, 2011

Bed Time Brawl 3
2nd place Brawl Doubles
Sep 29, 2011

DARKcpu0 wrote at 5:47 PM on Oct 05, 2014:
Hey I'm pretty ****ing late,

But nonetheless

Happy Birthday.
OrangeFox wrote at 8:37 AM on Sep 25, 2014:
Happy birthday
Zork wrote at 12:25 AM on Sep 25, 2014:
Happy Bday
Nilik wrote at 2:29 PM on Oct 05, 2013:
Happy late bday!!
Daddy wrote at 8:37 PM on Aug 11, 2013:
Tulat, how have you been? Is the clan still alive?
The Faker wrote at 7:21 PM on Aug 11, 2013:
You have no reason here, leave now. @_@
naphel wrote at 9:48 PM on Jan 29, 2013:
Dude! how've you been :D you still remember me?
Soulimar wrote at 1:28 AM on Dec 26, 2012:
Happy Holidays man :)
Zanryo wrote at 1:23 AM on Dec 26, 2012:
Happy Holidays man :)
About me:Name: David
Online Name: Tulat
SSBB Fc:4339-2162-7218
Skype/Youtube/Facebook: Tulat25

I live with my father & have Hughesnet satellite internet.
I can't brawl until at&t comes or I visit my mom.

^Hacks i've made^

I do all kinds of things such as sports, Taking walks in my grandma's forest, video games, Airsoft...
Making Graphics, I play the piano, ect...

I guess i'm kinda a laid back guy with some humor sometimes, can't really describe myself.
I started Spartanburg Community College on 8/17/2011, i'm planing to become a Pharmacist tech, then a Pharmacist then maybe a Doctor.

Some Signatures i've made.Top to Bottom, Top being most recent.

Made this for Rev's Birthday.

I was bored for this one.

Soul wanted a sig.

Jay wanted a sig.

Thanks to Aris

Thanks to Death

^Started 9/17/2011^

^I made the image on the cake^