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Smash Bros. DOJO!! Appreciation Group · I Beat Someone In Supersmash Brothers! · I Had to Explain that Kirby is not Female or of Unknown Gender · Dr.Octagonapus · I sometimes try to recover even though there's no way I'll make it back to the stage. · The Most Fun Character in Brawl is my Main · NJ Smash · East Coast · SHOOP da WHOOP · I wish Pokemon were real · Pikachus of the World Unite · I move with pikachu's QAC · I didn't choose my main after looking at a tier list · I pick up Rupees in Zelda even though my wallet is full · MS Paint · Pedobear is Miley Cyrus's #1 FAN!! · I HAVE CHORTLES: The Fawful Fanclub · I freaking hate the edge of Final Destination! · I don't hit people while they're taunting. · I play with a Gamecube controller in SSBB and I dont care · I can't play Brawl quietly. · Ness (">" x 1 trillion) Lucas · I HATE THE POP UP ADS ON AIB · I enjoy yelling my taunts repeateadly · I liked Meta Knight before Brawl · Pika Pika Pikachuuu! Fan Club · I Risk Stock for Balloons · I like girls · I get all excited when I log in with new alerts · PEOPLE WHO KICK *** WITH LOW TIER CHARACTERS!!!!!!! · Smashing since N64. · The old cartoon network was epic · I Love Video Game Music · PikaMacro · ???What Character Do U Hate??? · I HATE HOMEWORK! · I thought I was good at Brawl until I joined AiB. · I have seen the New Jersey Devil · The Original Twelve · I love abusing the sandbag in the WiFi waiting room. · I crouch and stand repeatedly just to make funny noises · I Have Way Too Many Saved Replays · Ganon Flakes · PARENTS ARE A HUGE DISTRACTION! · Brawl Players Who have Hacked Wiis · TOON LINK IS MAH HOMEBOI · PET LOVERS · I've had to explain that damage % being higher is BAD, not good · Playing against marth is dumb · I like chocolate · Doubles FTW · Blue Skin · MY LEG!!! DX · I've had to explain that Link is a guy and isn't named Zelda. · The Awesome Group Of Awesomeness! ( For Awesome Dudes And Dudettes... ) · Age 15 and under · Blue Color FTW ! · Texture Hax · I have accidentally hit "mabye next time" while executing a B attack on the sandbag online · GameFreaks · I Have Matchup Problems. · I had to explain that Samus was a girl, and her name wasn't "Metroid" · Ugg Fanclub · I <3 Pokemon HG/SS · I hate it when my friends get a name change · Fresh cut spring flowers, spewn across a babbling brook with a hint of lemon. · YouTube's New Layout Sucks · Is Mayonnaise an Instrument?? · All is pikachu · Super Mario Galaxy 2! · African-American Brawlers · Shigeru Miyamoto Recognition Group · It Bothers Me When People Spell "your" When It Should Be "you're" · Kingdom Hearts · Newgrounds · Sick of Snakes · R.I.P. Board The Platforms · Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time · Respectful Smashers · Kirby's Epic Yarn · Donkey Kong Country RETURNS! · Zelda Skyward Sword · Avatar: The Last Airbender · Miyamoto is not amused · Adventure Time · I breathe air · Blue is the best color ever! · We witnessed BROOD beat M2K · I'm a Toon Link player and I've been gayed by my own boomerang. · There Will Be Brawl · Official TCG Trading & Support Group · We Survived the discontinued day of SSBB wifi


UltraNOVA's Dojo Score 2850
Name:That guy over there... no not him... yeah THAT guy
Gender: Male
Location: East Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
Birthday: April 27, 1995
Joined: May 20, 2009
Favorite games:A lot of Nintendo games, Melee, Brawl...duh Okami's also pretty sexy
Wii Number:0147 2616 9148 2098
Brawl Friend Code:1590 4358 2715
Xbox Gamertag:...
PSN Account:...
July 25
UltraNOVA voted on the poll What are your Smash 4 purchasing plans?. 5:48 AM
July 14
UltraNOVA voted on the poll Who do you think will win EVO?. 9:21 PM
July 2
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June 3
UltraNOVA installed the game Mario Kart 8. 2:29 AM
May 8
UltraNOVA updated his profile. 9:03 PM
Aug 14, 2011:97th of 128 in Brawl Singles at KTAR 6
Aug 24, 2010:6th of 7 in Singles Brawl Pools at Apex 2010 : Worldwide Smash Tournament
Aug 28, 2009:13th of 15 in Doubles at Brawlmania: Royal Doubles

smashbros.maniac wrote at 11:04 AM on Apr 27, 2014:
Happy Birthday, NOVA! ^_^

smashbros.maniac wrote at 12:47 PM on Apr 28, 2013:
Happy B-day again, NOVA! :D

About me:I'm just a boy who loves to play videos games. I'm a sophmore in college. I like making friends, so don't be shy to leave me a hello. I enjoy drawing too.

I usually play friendlies, singles or doubles, but I enjoy going to a tourney every so often.
So yeah...

Youtube account (Go check it out):
^^^ I'm going to try to post regularly this summer^^^

Coincidence much? icon_eh lol

I compose music now. Whoa nelly. Check some of my music out here icon_biggrin

vvv I drew that :3