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VFXMario's Dojo Score 2550
Gender: Male
Location: Syracuse, New York, United States
Birthday: July 11, 1994
Joined: July 10, 2008
Favorite games:huge Tales fan. mario series,(with spin-offs like mario kart)although i'm a fan of sm64,kirby ,pokemon(seriously I own almost all of em minus a few),sonic,Shadow of the colossus, kingdom hearts,ratchet & clank,Dragon ball Z,Fire Emblem,Legend of Zelda,Pikmin,Donkey Kong Country (and 64),banjo kazooie, viewtiful joe, street fighter,VS CAPCOM cross-over, megaman the list goes on but you don't need a bigger wall of text right? yep! just what I was thinking.
Wii Number:6372 7596 4385 9943
Brawl Friend Code:1849 4703 2595
PSN Account:VFXMario
October 21
VFXMario voted on the poll If it were available, would you buy DLC for Smash?. 2:09 AM
VFXMario earned the Ready for Relaunch badge. 2:07 AM
July 21
VFXMario installed the game Super Smash Bros.. 7:37 PM
VFXMario installed the game Super Smash Bros. Melee. 7:36 PM
VFXMario installed the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl. 7:35 PM
May 22, 2009:3rd of 15 in Singles at Faux Fighters 02 ~Singles~
Mar 13, 2009:13th of 19 in Singles at Shadow Monarchy Clan Tourney #2 (Members Only)
Jul 13, 2008:9th of 19 in Doubles at Sunday Night Late Doubles

Faux Fighters 02 ~Singles~
3rd place Singles
May 22, 2009

Rizen wrote at 1:51 AM on Jul 11, 2013:
Happy Birthday!
GOG wrote at 10:09 PM on Jul 11, 2013:
Happy Birthday VFXMario! Have a good one! = ' ~ ' =
Clowns8me wrote at 11:53 AM on Jan 16, 2013:
hey, yeah sorry I wasn't able to reconvene after the matches. But yeah I'd be happy to play whenever you're free; I could always use more experience on the mario matchup.
About me:

I started playing brawl during may 2008(I didnt have a wii when it was released).I loved the game and I still do. im a mario mainer and a nice guy if u dont act like a jerk we could be friends =P. pretty chill dude and I'm down for any matches. I'm not here to impress but just to show what I can do. I'm not much of a bragger so I just wanna play fun matches.

Oh! also if anyone wants to use skype during matches my username is "VFXMarcos" I'll be happy to add you but just remember, it's a game lol