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El Presidente

Valdens's Dojo Score 12450
Gender: Male
Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Birthday: April 10, 1992
Joined: March 1, 2008
Favorite games:League of Legends a lot recently. Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion, Sonic, Mario, Pokemon, Smash, and in general, games that I can play with people that make everyone laugh and have a good time.
Wii Number:7623 9429 0787 9088
Brawl Friend Code:0473 7465 0612
October 17
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October 16
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Dec 30, 2012:2nd of 9 in Brawl (singles), 1st of 4 in Brawl (doubles) at EWA Winter Bash
Mar 14, 2012:5th of 12 in Singles at Piti Piti Benefit Brawl Tournament
Jan 23, 2012:2nd of 5 in Doubles (SSBB), 2nd of 8 in Singles (SSBB) at EWA PR Tournament 1/21

$2000++** TourneyPlay.net SSBB/M/Kart Feb 7&8
1st place Mario Kart Wii
Feb 07, 2009

i.e.smash: a regional tournament
2nd place Doubles
Jan 03, 2009

$2000++** TourneyPlay.net SSBB/M/Kart Feb 7&8
3rd place Brawl 2v2
Feb 07, 2009

i.e.smash: a regional tournament
3rd place Singles
Jan 03, 2009

102 wrote at 5:49 PM on Oct 20, 2014:
It was suppose to be a face.
Redneck wrote at 10:02 AM on Oct 15, 2014:
"I used to be really good at GnW, super popular on this site, and fat, but no longer am I really any of these."

You still are in our hearts <3
102 wrote at 2:33 PM on Oct 06, 2014:

TheRealBobMan wrote at 9:44 PM on Jun 09, 2014:
Thanks for the shoutout. I forget the last time I checked this website.

All is going well I guess. Just working a lot. You joined the Air Force right?
Ness682 wrote at 10:31 AM on Apr 12, 2014:
Happy late birthday! :D
Decoy wrote at 2:09 PM on Apr 10, 2014:
hpas yn tbirouhay
Rise Kujikawa wrote at 10:52 AM on Apr 10, 2014:
Happy birthday
Snake Master wrote at 9:03 AM on Apr 10, 2014:
Happy Birthday!!!
Carls493 wrote at 9:02 PM on Apr 10, 2014:
Happy Birthday, Valdens!
Palutenas Finest - Admiral Pit wrote at 9:01 PM on Apr 10, 2014:
Happy Birthday, I guess...
About me:Hmm...

I used to be really good at GnW, super popular on this site, and fat, but no longer am I really any of these.

I'm in the Air Force National Guard and do cool stuff for a living.

Jem wrote at 10:38 PM on Oct 23, 2009 :
I swear one day I'll ****ing make you cry in front of everyone Valdens.

Started April 5th, '09