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Whitefangx's Dojo Score 1000
Gender: Female
Location: Texas, United States
Birthday: March 9, 1996
Joined: July 29, 2008
Favorite games:Call of Duty MW2, Call of Duty Black Ops, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Homefront
Brawl Friend Code:1247 0653 2671
Xbox Gamertag:bluewhitefangx
Aug 31, 2008:9th of 11 in Singles at The Spam-Off
Aug 13, 2008:13th of 13 in Singles at The Continuation Tourney
Aug 12, 2008:17th of 27 in Doubles at ZOMG NEAL AND CH33S3 HOST ONLINE DOUBLES!

About me:im an average player not that good but im not that bad either :-D i main ike,and a few other characters
And ya im a girl even tho the name Whitefangx seems like a boys name im actually a girl i also get along with anyone so its easy to be friends with me icon_smile