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Wyvern64's Dojo Score 1150
Gender: Male
Location: Inkster, Michigan, United States
Birthday: September 14, 1995
Joined: May 18, 2009
Favorite games:SSBB, Naruto CoNR2 *soon to have 3*, Pokemon
Brawl Friend Code:3523 6865 5282
May 23
Wyvern64 joined the group M2K Has Mindgames . 8:01 PM
April 21
Wyvern64 joined the group The Mid-Tiers group.. 10:29 PM
Feb 20, 2010:3rd of 16 in Singles at {~SR~} Clan Presents: JTT-Pt.2 : Joint Future
Feb 19, 2010:5th of 16 in Cosmo Presents: A journey through Time: Part1 at
Feb 17, 2010:17th of 27 in Low Tier Singles at Winds of a New Beginning Blow~ Brawl Singles #2

Noel's tournament
4th place Singles
Nov 18, 2009

{~SR~} Clan Presents: JTT-Pt.2 : Joint Future
3rd place Singles
Feb 20, 2010

Shadow Stars Brawl tournament
4th place Brawl tourney
Dec 09, 2009

102 wrote at 2:49 PM on Oct 27, 2014:
White knuckles SCORIN
About me:Ohaidere, my name is Jhaira (Pronounced juh-hi-ruh) but you may call me Veil/Wyvern/ Cosmo (My official Gamer Tag as of late) I'm 14 and brawl happens to be my favorite game. I'm always trying to improve online and offline everyday, constantly workign to my goal of being one of, if not the best Smasher in Michigan. Nugguh.....

My Clan is known as the {~Subspace Resistance~} (SR for short)-
We're pretty active and are always looking for more recruits. If you'd ever like to war us just come to our site link http://ssbbwarriors.forumotion.com/