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Name:Bruce Lee
Gender: Male
Location: Leominster, Massachusetts, United States
Birthday: November 22, 1992
Joined: April 11, 2009
Wii Number:1211 4233 5603 4995
Brawl Friend Code:4210 4370 4599
Xbox Gamertag:PeazyPeace69
October 29
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October 27
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Jun 19, 2010:3rd of 5 in Singles Pools at DNA Gaming USA #6
Feb 12, 2010:1st of 17 in Leominster Brawl at Leominster Public Library Game Night
Oct 17, 2009:9th of 15 in LDC Tourney 4 at Lightning Dragons Clan Singles Tourney 4

Leominster Public Library Game Night
1st place Leominster Brawl
Feb 12, 2010

-DaVe- wrote at 8:40 AM on Oct 29, 2014:
your avis are always the best, awesome cv btw
-Demons- wrote at 8:58 PM on Oct 28, 2014:
Im doing good aswell, just being alive makes my day good
-Demons- wrote at 10:54 PM on Oct 28, 2014:
Hey just seeing if you are alright. Hope everything is good with you!
Kurei wrote at 8:50 PM on Oct 10, 2014:
whats 9+10?
Cassius wrote at 5:04 PM on Oct 05, 2014:
and why are we not friends on AiB..what happened? lol
Cassius wrote at 4:52 PM on Oct 05, 2014:
as in #2 after Kanbaru (y)
Cassius wrote at 4:51 PM on Oct 05, 2014:
Karen is bae #2, good choice
Red-X wrote at 4:51 PM on Oct 05, 2014:
Degree of Fear wrote at 4:34 PM on Oct 01, 2014:
Hey, AiB is being weird so I'm not sure if you got my message or not. It keeps telling me it sent but it's not in my sent box. Just let me know that you got :D
Goodz Da Animal wrote at 12:41 AM on Sep 30, 2014:
peace u gotta spread my stream around http://www.twitch.tv/no_ld http://www.twitch.tv/no_ld http://www.twitch.tv/no_ld

im not streaming right now but im trying to get my viewers up. tell all your friends.
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