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9:26 PM on Sep 5, 2013
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11:38 AM on Apr 1, 2013
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Great Dark Spot

Xaghtaersis's Dojo Score 3750
Gender: Male
Location: where Xianghua is........, East Timor
Birthday: October 10, 1992
Joined: September 5, 2008
Favorite games:Soul Calibur 4 and SSBB and starcraft II
Wii Number:9999 9999 9999 9999
Brawl Friend Code:0904 1648 5680
Xbox Gamertag:no,nan cha teh
PSN Account:just kidding
October 10
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September 19
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July 27
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June 13
June 10
Xaghtaersis earned the Master of Guesswork badge. 9:23 PM
Apr 15, 2011:3rd of 9 in SS Singles at Spirit Smashers Tourament 10
Mar 18, 2011:13th of 16 in SAF Singles, 5th of 9 in SAF Doubles at *~Sparks Are Flying~* High-Tier S&D
Feb 12, 2011:17th of 32 in Singles, 5th of 12 in Doubles at European Singles + Doubles 3

European Doubles 6
2nd place Doubles
Jul 24, 2010

Spirit Smashers Tournament 4
3rd place SS Singles
Sep 26, 2010

European Doubles 10
4th place Doubles
Oct 01, 2010

European Doubles 3
4th place Doubles
Mar 05, 2010

rundas1234 wrote at 5:42 PM on Mar 28, 2013:
hey! are your pokeballs, glice/glire, and poppants up for trade? =)
MetaBowser wrote at 12:47 AM on Feb 03, 2013:
but are your extra poke balls up for trade?
MetaBowser wrote at 11:09 PM on Dec 20, 2012:
nevermind that offer.
About me:


A few of my favorite metal albums:

Children of bodom-Hatebreeder (melodic death metal)

The crown-deathrace king (deaththrash metal

Limbonic art-in abhorrence ementia(symphonic black metal)

Zuriaake-afterimagine of autumn(atmhospheric black metal)

Persefone-shin ken (progressive death metal)

Enslaved-below the lights(progressive black metal)

Amorphis- Tales From The Thousand Lakes(melodic death metal)

Amorphis-skyforger (melodic death/progressive metal)

Equilibrium-sagas (folk/pagan/black metal)

Rudra-The aryan crusade(vedic metal)

Sigh-imaginary sonicscape(avant garde black metal)

Le grand guignol-the great maddening(symphonic avant garde black metal)[