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War is Over

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Gender: Male
Location: Castroville, California, United States
Birthday: September 28, 1992
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Favorite games:I play broad range of games, too many to list here... Not a fan of FPSs but I will play The Conduit :)
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About me:I've played brawl for about a year and a half or so... Uh, I usually say I main Zelda since I love her to death and all.... But I'm better with Marth by far and with Toon Link as well, so you take your pick I guess? I am an all around player and use many characters but the ones on my tag below are the ones I use mostly...

I prefer dubs over 1 v 1s cause I'm usually a support kind of player but, doesn't mean I won't 1v1 icon_smile

Gay guys rule the world and that's a fact, try me icon_smile I dare you icon_wink