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blackant's Dojo Score 3450
Name:Jean-Luke Clark
Gender: Male
Location: Woodlawn, Tennessee, United States
Birthday: March 10, 1995
Joined: May 3, 2010
Favorite games:The most basic type, ALL OF THEM!!
Wii Number:1544 4384 7717 8322
Brawl Friend Code:0732 4926 9575
Xbox Gamertag:Blackant95
PSN Account:Blackant95
August 8
blackant voted on the poll What are your Smash 4 purchasing plans?. 10:40 PM
March 11
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January 28
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September 19
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September 16
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Nov 12, 2012:25th of 28 in WiFi Singles at Enter or Die: Singles Tourney #1
Nov 11, 2012:9th of 40 in Singles at If u win this people still won't find u attractive
Nov 10, 2012:3rd of 5 in Double Trouble at Double Trouble Remake

Wifi(fail) Post-Thanksgiving Tourny
3rd place Brawl tourny
Nov 26, 2010

SweetDelight's 3rd Doubles Tournament
1st place SweetDelight's 3rd Doubles Tournament
Jun 19, 2011

Hacked Brawl Tournament #1
2nd place Brawl Minus Singles
Jan 15, 2011

Super Smash Mother 4
3rd place Brawl (Singles, Online)
Aug 10, 2012

102 wrote at 12:54 AM on Aug 29, 2014:
Whose gonna tell you when......it's too late....
Nitedo Frek wrote at 1:53 PM on Jun 23, 2013:
go to smash talk with me.
XeRo wrote at 5:14 AM on May 26, 2013:
Bro wanna play today ?
XeRo wrote at 9:37 AM on Apr 22, 2013:
Maybe we can play then , and I know about league of legends my brother plays it..
XeRo wrote at 9:37 AM on Apr 22, 2013:
I main me noww
XeRo wrote at 9:37 AM on Apr 22, 2013:
XeRo wrote at 10:33 AM on Mar 25, 2013:
Wassup Ant! , We aint talk in a while, Hope u remember me , but lets play sometime ! :)
W.C.N wrote at 3:59 AM on Mar 20, 2013:
If you use ZSS you should be good at instant throwing and z catching which is how you fight diddy from far away, She also can infinite him if you practice it
W.C.N wrote at 11:27 AM on Mar 16, 2013:
I stopped using kirby for a year and now hes better then ever and I have a decent Diddy to rely on when Kirbys in a bad MU
Zimer wrote at 9:23 PM on Mar 12, 2013:
Happy birthday!
About me:
Why does human Kirby look like a girl?

Everything in the My Games section is true, unlike some people who only put who they like

You can help me out by playing a really fun game called League of Legends or LoL for short. If you want more information on it then just message me on xbox. It is completely free, so sign up today and try it whenever you feel like. (thats a bit long isn't it?)

Heres the link