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Gender: Male
Location: tacoma, Washington, United States
Birthday: February 10, 1995
Joined: July 23, 2008
Favorite games:Nintendo-The Legend of zelda OOT is my favorite game of all time, Fire emblem 4-10, Super mario bros1-3,majora's mask, goldeneye,metroid prime 1-3,metroid fusion,mario kart 64, original metal gear, twilight princess, metroid prime hunters,pokemon red,yellow,silver,crystal,sapphire,diamond. pokemon stadium 1&2, mario tennis,MGS the twin snakes,super metroid, and of course SSB,SSBM, and SSBB:) Xbox-Halo 2-3,orange box, GOW 1 and 2, MW1&2,GH III and metallica, battlefield bad co., fallout 3, red dead redemption, UFC 2010, Nazi zombies. Playstation-FF 6 and 7, castlevania,killzone 2, Metal gear solid 1,metal gear solid 2,metal gear solid 3(favorite of them all), metal gear solid 4, old school spyro and rayman, street fighter 3, FF XII,
Wii Number:1557 5757 0843 4313
Brawl Friend Code:3695 0068 9967
Xbox Gamertag:TNT Nighthawk24
February 10
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Jun 19, 2010:9th of 27 in Singles at The Return Of Sasuke (SINGLES) 2010 Fest
Jun 11, 2010:25th of 34 in SSBB Singles at Tabuu Tears You Up Singles (Nsider2 members only)
Oct 16, 2008:9th of 30 in Singles at 1-UP Beach Ball Tournament

3rd place Singles
Oct 11, 2008

DotDo Singles #6
4th place Singles
Oct 12, 2008

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