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decemberangel91's Dojo Score 1600
Name:Lillie Mae Aka. Rukia Aka. Alissa rzaczynski
Gender: Female
Location: terre haute, Indiana, United States
Birthday: December 18, 1991
Joined: January 4, 2010
Favorite games:i like about anything that involves knives and swords
Brawl Friend Code:1234 5678 9000
January 25
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June 19
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Jan 21, 2010:17th of 42 in COM at A commen brawl tournament

About me:i love to watch anime and my favorite show is Naruto. i also like bleach but i dont watch it as much as i do naruto. i also love vampire knight because it is mysterious and deep which is what i like lol.I love to play some sports and watch the main events in sports. I love the color purple and my favorite food is general soes. my favorite candy is skittles i like them so much i named my red/blue nose pitt skittles.


these are some of my favorit e pictures lol

juz wanted to wish everyone who is having a birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


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