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blog_img Annoying issue with colored shields
10:40 AM on Dec 6, 2012
blog_img How I feel right now
12:15 PM on Mar 20, 2012
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Name:Uncle Bobby B. Baby... Uncle Bobby B.
Gender: Male
Location: Smashville USA, California, United States
Birthday: February 19, 1986
Joined: September 3, 2011
Favorite games:Wait...there are more games than brawl? WTF, why?
Brawl Friend Code:0520 0575 5191
October 17
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April 26
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February 18
Today is dustyfrumna4sev's birthday! 9:01 PM

SketchLA94 wrote at 3:48 PM on Apr 26, 2014:
You're welcome man! Hope to see you around.
SketchLA94 wrote at 7:13 PM on Feb 19, 2014:
Happy Birthday dusty!!!!!!! :D I hope you have a good one man!
Nagare-kun wrote at 1:09 PM on Feb 19, 2014:
Happy Birthday!
Blue_Sunshine wrote at 10:44 AM on Feb 19, 2014:
happy birthday bud
Equinox l L wrote at 2:55 PM on Jan 04, 2014:
Oh damn sorry bro, I been out of town for last few days. I'll be back tomorrow night though so just let me know bro.
Equinox l L wrote at 11:49 AM on Dec 25, 2013:
Yeah I don't think I can ever fully move from Link. He has been my main and probaly always will be lol. Oh don't worry about the help and advice, I was just glad I could help some.
Equinox l L wrote at 7:25 PM on Dec 24, 2013:
Glad to help bro. Just let me know whenever you want to play again.

Also "About the pictures I luv BBQ!.. BIG BOOTIES!!." That's all I needed to know about you to know we going to good friends lmao.
Equinox l L wrote at 6:40 PM on Dec 24, 2013:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbSGIm6J_Us Just some friendlies but yeah
SketchLA94 wrote at 1:57 PM on Jun 04, 2013:
Yo sorry for missed call. It's not my phone, its my brother's, but we can talk later on today if you want.
Cut136 wrote at 6:16 PM on May 19, 2013:
lol sorry for whoopn u so hard.
About me:My link is freggin gettin there people! I'm not quite pro yet but I see flashes of AWESOME right b4 I SD from stage spiking my very weak and feeble opponent. About the pictures I luv BBQ!.. BIG BOOTIES!!... and BRAWL!!!