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flameleon's Dojo Score 5350
Gender: Male
Location: Pipe House, Mexico, Mexico
Birthday: August 19, 1986
Joined: November 27, 2008
Favorite games:Rpg, Survival-Horror, Puzzle, Shmup
Brawl Friend Code:4768 7117 2923
May 26
flameleon commented on one of Roy Gone Rogue's blog entries, "Farewell wifi best players list". 7:49 PM
February 21
flameleon left MP8 a shoutout. 4:14 PM
February 20
flameleon commented on one of Remss's blog entries, "Best I've played". 2:54 PM
February 15
flameleon left MP8 a shoutout. 2:55 PM
Jun 23, 2010:1st of 13 in Battle For The Frozen Throne at EDC - Battle For The Frozen Throne
Jun 13, 2010:17th of 89 in Singles at in it for Teddi
Jun 08, 2010:1st of 12 in Doubles! at Scraptastic! Doubles 3

** Peppers OMG 2 WEEKS TILL CHRISTMAS!! singles **
1st place Singles
Dec 10, 2009

*@ Peppers Monday Night Singles @*
1st place Singles
Dec 07, 2009

EDC - Battle For The Frozen Throne
1st place Battle For The Frozen Throne
Jun 23, 2010

Scraptastic! Doubles 3
1st place Doubles!
Jun 08, 2010

Coolwhip wrote at 7:01 PM on Jun 23, 2014:
Flame, howzit going bro?
MP8 wrote at 9:33 PM on May 26, 2014:
You ready to take that top Mario spot for Smash 4?
Coolwhip wrote at 5:21 PM on Mar 17, 2014:
cool. i'm still pondering my options on what console i really want.
I've been impress so far with the Xbox One and the features it has,
plus it has some of my favorite games like Borderlands for starters.
Coolwhip wrote at 3:39 PM on Mar 13, 2014:
Bro, are u getting the Wiiu or do you already have it?
I've been thinking about getting either that or the Xbox One.
MP8 wrote at 7:05 PM on Feb 21, 2014:
*Two fingered salute*
Coolwhip wrote at 4:48 PM on Feb 21, 2014:
What's up bro. Howzit going in sunny mexico? -d:]- (Please don't sue me, I understand u have copyrights now)

The weather here in the states starting to get better, to say the least.
MP8 wrote at 1:40 AM on Feb 21, 2014:
Its good to hear from you. I'm glad you're doing well. That's ok, I still think you had/have the most impressive Mario out there despite your inability to make it to big tourneys. Thank you, and may blessings be upon yourself. -d:]- <--Please copyright this, its yours.
MP8 wrote at 3:35 PM on Feb 14, 2014:
Flameleon *Bows in respect* Como estas?
Coolwhip wrote at 4:31 PM on Feb 11, 2014:
Project m is one of the reasons why I haven't played brawl in over a month.
Mario/Doctor mario is mad fun to play with. (Roy as well for fun.)
MP8 wrote at 11:37 AM on Dec 31, 2013:
Were you ever able to make it to any of the Apex tourneys in the past couple years? Apex 2012 or Apex 2013?
About me:-==The man who seek wisdom in the dark sky, the mage who wanders with his judgement spell, the plumber of the prophecy, the archangel who lost his wings as a test, the soul who claims to be remembered for the eternity==-

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