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1:19 AM on Jan 22, 2011
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7:58 PM on Sep 21, 2010


Hot Kaarl


So Fatal


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I Have a Zombie Plan

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Gender: Male
Location: worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Birthday: June 9, 1992
Joined: October 6, 2008
Favorite games:smash bros. series, no more heeroes, the shin megami tensi series, Sengoku Basara.
Brawl Friend Code:3954 0755 5819
September 23
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AngelicWolf1 wrote at 3:47 PM on Oct 03, 2013:
Hey thanks for accepting the friend request, it's nice to meet you :)
smashbros.maniac wrote at 2:33 PM on Jun 09, 2013:
Happy B-day!!! :D
Ferre wrote at 7:13 AM on Jun 09, 2013:
Happy birthday Zetsu and I still remember you hope everything is all great with life if not make it so!
GOG wrote at 11:23 PM on Jun 09, 2013:
Happy Birthday gamesandgoodies! Have a good one! = ' ~ ' =
TheRealBobMan wrote at 11:15 PM on Jun 09, 2013:
Happy Birthday!
rundas1234 wrote at 1:02 AM on Apr 19, 2013:
hey! is your glice, glire, poppant, melee mewtwo, 1000 coins, smash ball, cds, and golden hammer up for trade? =)
About me:<--My fursona

heeeeeeeeee hoooooooo!
im 18, i play alot of brawl, hee ho. i main inconsistency, ho. i heeave a very unstable mindset, wow that makes me sound kinda crazy,because i am crazy, hee ho. Im also heehorible at doubles and ok singles. heeho im pretty lazy.

Facts about me:
im a furry, and very much so, ho.
i like webcomics (currently reading like 17), my favorite one is Jack (dam good webcomic)

I'm am a very heehorrible people person and only like talking to people online.

I'm very narcissistic and think too much of myself, hee ho.

you just lost the game, heeeeeeeeee hooooooo.

I'm not a group heewhore (being in more then 20 groups is considered group whoring in my opinion,ho)

i have long heehair ho. pretty dam long heehair and i love it, ho.

my favorite drink is water, simple and clean is the way to go. heeeeeeee ho
my favorite food is ravioli.

Beck and Cake are my two favorite music artists/bands.

Sometimes when im not playing videogames ill be on jtv (a place where people stream stuff live) watching people play videogames under the names gamesandgoodies of course. icon_razz

Tristan_win wrote at 11:25 PM on Jul 4, 2009 :
play to win not to ***** after you lose.
^^win quote^^

but sucking on them is amazing ;D

<3 bad girl and peach. heeeee hoooo!