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blog_img I was watching apex stuff and...
10:03 PM on Feb 2, 2012
blog_img I have umvc3
10:00 AM on Jan 21, 2012
blog_img reaction time
1:53 PM on Nov 5, 2011
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Gender: Male
Location: wood, New Jersey, United States
Birthday: March 22, 1996
Joined: April 22, 2010
Favorite games:Paper Mario, Luigi's mansion is also cool and Pokemon obviously. I play street fighter alot too and cod zombies is fun as hell. Marvel/Skullgirls are good too. League of legends too, my summoner id is haha ggs add me if you want
Brawl Friend Code:3480 3611 0920
Xbox Gamertag:lol ggs
PSN Account:In_Bliss
March 22
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September 18
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August 22
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Jul 01, 2011:9th of 46 in SmashFollowerz at Tourney Before Light Goes To Vacation
Apr 08, 2011:17th of 18 in Singles at Alexgamer03's Weekly Tournament With No Name: 4/8/
Aug 21, 2010:13th of 27 in SilverBlood Empire's First Brawl Tourny Singles at SilverBlood Empire's First Brawl Tourny

MetaBowser wrote at 7:12 AM on Jan 27, 2013:
that wasnt too freaking hard, was it?
MetaBowser wrote at 4:17 PM on Jan 26, 2013:
i hate being ignored
MetaBowser wrote at 4:03 PM on Dec 20, 2012:
woah that was from almost a whole month ago. anyway nevermind that offer, but is your assist trophy up for trade?
About me:I dont play brawl anymore, but if anyone wants to play Marvel/Skullgirls/Street Fighter AE or XTekken hit me up