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12:23 PM on Mar 22, 2009

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hurd86's Dojo Score 1900
Name:L4L4L aka Tsuna
Gender: Male
Location: Heber, California, United States
Birthday: September 25, 1990
Joined: July 30, 2008
Favorite games:BRAWL!!!!!! Touhou 12.3!!!! Pokemon, The Zelda series, Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 and Rockband, Tales of Symphonia, Dead Rising, Naruto, DBZ, Eterna Sonata Megaman (originals and Starforce)
Brawl Friend Code:0173 0991 4138
Xbox Gamertag:juggorato
PSN Account:juggorato
January 2
hurd86 left deathbysuarez a shoutout. 5:53 PM
November 14
hurd86 installed the game BlazBlue CS. 3:44 AM
Jul 31, 2008:7th of 14 in Singles at Kamaji's Fast-Paced Tournament!

juan. wrote at 7:12 PM on Mar 10, 2014:
P-at-W wrote at 1:15 AM on Feb 15, 2013:
About me:

Im 18 im a good brawler and Im just looking for a good match. Im always looking to improve my game "you can never be too good" well maybe Mario is an exception to that rule but I'm always down for a friendly conversation, I love funny stuff so let the good times roll like a fat guy down a hill!

<33 Okuu/Orin/Tsuna

One of my favorites now is Hitman Reborn!

For all you people who don't love a good time, you can have.....

It's okay to d!ckride....if it's MegaObama


To all laggers, spammers and MKs :]

Jap Brawl FC: (currently back on Eng brawl)