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blog_img More school. less video games.(READ)
10:28 PM on Aug 18, 2009
blog_img 100 groups.....D:<
5:11 PM on Aug 17, 2009
blog_img Comic of the Month!!!!! :D
1:41 PM on Aug 17, 2009
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iChewy (banned)

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Name:Joe.........or oowee :)
Gender: Male
Location: Hammond, Indiana, United States
Birthday: February 18, 1996
Joined: November 30, 2008
Favorite games:I'm done. Bye. I'm going to go spam Neal so he can ban me. I'm also going to tell him that I'm Joe., the user that mega-spammed him last month. I'm done with AiB. I'm not going to say I love you all, because I don't. I could care less for all of you. And you probably feel the same way. The only people on this site I love is "Lord Kirbington II". and joey14ssbbfan. This is the most annoying site ever. Since Neal spams all of us with these ****ing ads, I'll give that cunt what he deserves. **** all of you. Goodbye.
Wii Number:0085 6871 9486 1228
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About me:>:I I hope you all burn in hell you queer ******s.