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iNsOmNiA's Dojo Score 3350
Gender: Male
Location: London, United Kingdom
Birthday: October 29, 1992
Joined: June 27, 2008
Favorite games:Ssbm, Soul Calibur 2 (GCN), Mario Kart Doubledash, Warcraft frozen throne, World of Warcraft, Zelda Ocarina Of Time + Majora's Mask + Wind Waker Fable, Quadrapop
Wii Number:4716 7510 8322 7904
Brawl Friend Code:0989 3191 4163
Aug 29, 2009:13th of 27 in Melee Singles, 25th of 32 in Brawl Singles at London Monthlies! (Melee + Brawl)
Jul 22, 2009:3rd of 5 in Melee Pools, 2nd of 6 in Brawl Pools, 2nd of 9 in Brawl Doubles, 4th of 8 in brawl bracket at HSAM Presents: The 5th Smash, Consented Rape
Feb 18, 2009:17th of 21 in Singles at Flux's Singles Tournament 1

Britain's Big Team Brawl (Europeans Welcome)
1st place Doubles
Sep 05, 2008

HSAM Present's: Round 2 (Brawl Doubles)
1st place Doubles
Jul 31, 2008

HSAM Present's: Round 2 (Brawl)
1st place Singles
Jul 31, 2008

HSAM Presents: The 5th Smash, Consented Rape
2nd place Brawl Doubles
Jul 22, 2009

About me:I like watching anime. Bleach is the best, Naruto is great also, Deathnote was great too. Finished watching Samurai Champloo, really good anime^^.

Orochimaru: “You can’t let your guard down for a second. Prey need to strain their minds all the time, and run around in the presence of a predator.”

Hollow Ichigo: "You try to cut them with a sheathed sword. That is why you are weaker than me Ichigo."


- Learning how to play all characters -