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Name:Michel Borris
Gender: Male
Location: Bronx, New York, United States
Birthday: April 25, 1989
Joined: June 27, 2008
Favorite games:some of my fav ames would have to be ffseries,sa2b,pokemon sreies,wario land series,SSBB,,advanced wars Days of Ruin,sonic advance 3,THE LEGEND OF ZELDA SERIES!!!!!,side scrolling metroids,metroid prime 3,baten kaitos,tales of symphonia series and sum more.LoZ Wind Waker iz awwsum b/c u use TOON LINK....I LIKE GAMES.
Brawl Friend Code:2449 5533 2269
Xbox Gamertag:UpTown Demon
PSN Account:NO

About me:I'M AWWSUM,and I'm ballin & SO IZ TOON LINK.