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Smash 4 3DS Fall Singles '14
W - L:1 - 4
Streak: 2 losses

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killmaster's Dojo Score 4550
Gender: Male
Location: montreal, Qu├ębec, Canada
Birthday: March 15, 1991
Joined: May 15, 2008
Favorite games:RE4, Halo series, melee, banjo-kazooie, almost every mario game and mostly smash 64
Brawl Friend Code:0132 0097 4220
3DS Friend Code:0748 4151 4453
October 14
killmaster updated his profile. 10:53 PM
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October 10
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October 6
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September 28
killmaster voted on the poll Who do you think will win Big House 4? (Oct 4-5). 6:05 PM
Jul 21, 2009:9th of 16 in Singles at SSBB Deluxe Tournament: Sonic
Jul 09, 2009:9th of 26 in Singles at Omega Brawl Tourney #2
Oct 03, 2008:7th of 12 in Singles at Boonfest! 19

SGOlympian wrote at 5:36 PM on Mar 15, 2014:
Happy Birthday!
MetaBowser wrote at 12:00 PM on May 26, 2013:
is your parasite queen up for trade?
Gardy wrote at 6:38 PM on Mar 11, 2013:
Is your Kyogre, Terrible Fate Promo, Smash Ball, Golden Hammer, Tabuu, or Ancient Minister up for trade?
Lunsford wrote at 5:10 AM on Feb 21, 2013:
Sorry I have been out of smash community for a while but I think I am coming back
Aeramis wrote at 5:15 AM on Jan 28, 2013:
Would you trade your assist trophy for 3 cards you need, subspace bomb+stop watch+battleskiff?
Palutenas Finest - Admiral Pit wrote at 8:37 PM on Jan 27, 2013:
Im not worried. Tabuu is still kinda valuable to me.
Palutenas Finest - Admiral Pit wrote at 7:57 AM on Jan 26, 2013:
I have what you want. Allow me to send the trade...
DeViL.MaN666 wrote at 7:48 AM on Dec 17, 2012:
yes i played smash 64 alot when i was young was owning 3 ai at level 9 vs me ;0 btw tu parle francais ?
Space wrote at 8:56 AM on Dec 03, 2012:
hey could you trade me your duplicate hamburger promo for a falco?
MetaBowser wrote at 8:15 AM on Dec 03, 2012:
About me:I like music, video games and Naruto..