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ksizzle4life's Dojo Score 6000
Gender: Male
Location: Passaic, New Jersey, United States
Birthday: July 20, 1990
Joined: April 5, 2008
Favorite games:I like a lot of games but top 5 in order: UMvC3, Final Fantasy 10, Ocarina of time, Brawl Minus, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Brawl Friend Code:4125 5742 3219
Xbox Gamertag:ksizzle4life
March 28
ksizzle4life commented on one of Carls493's blog entries, "List any traditional fighters (non-Smash) you have and/or play.". 1:00 PM
Aug 14, 2011:65th of 128 in Brawl Singles, 3rd of 38 in Brawl Doubles at KTAR 6
Jun 19, 2010:1st of 23 in Doubles, 13th of 52 in Singles, 7th of 20 in Brawl - at HEERO Presents Passaic Smash Invasion 2 w/ Brawl-
May 15, 2010:1st of 12 in Doubles, 4th of 30 in Singles, 9th of 10 in Brawl- singles at Doom presents: Doom's Belated Birthday Sex, ft. We

*Pound* 4
4th place Brawl Singles bracket
Jan 16, 2010

ECRC Event #4 - GameUnicon 09: S.N.E.S. Tournament
2nd place Brawl Doubles
Aug 21, 2009

1st place Doubles
Aug 15, 2009

EC Presents: Crank That Kosha Boy!
2nd place Singles
Nov 14, 2009

Atomsk wrote at 10:39 PM on Jan 28, 2013:
Silly me thinking I could go do stuff without you monitoring my life.
Savage wrote at 11:09 PM on Jan 27, 2013:
Suddenly pierce put me over his knee, my bottom high up in the air and gave me a spanking. As he did it he described every step in detail, repeatedly using my name. There was no place to hide: his voice in my head, the uncomfortable sensation inside, I was mortified in pain, then pierce used his soft hand to calm me down.
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Movie was everything I wanted and more. Ma ***** Nolan