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Name:NOOB(Joystiq Alumni's self proclaimed NOOB XD)
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John aka MsTa J aka Lil JR wrote at 9:15 PM on Apr 24, 2013:
About me:Hello,My name is Manuel n.n Its a pleasure to meet you all.I am quite proper in my speech so I apoligize if I sound like a Suit at times xD I'm 17 years young and will start college soon icon_biggrin hopefully in the coimng weeks.I am a Metalhead but I appreciate MOST geners of music xD I'm usually quite friendly and caring but if I get mad..Just dont get me mad xD I can be one of your closest friends once you get to know me icon_smile Honest,realiable and caring and I'm always here to help icon_smile Please have a good day and I look forward to meeting you all. I am quite mature for my age even if I dont look it xD I search for the one who I can love and make her happy wherever she might be icon_smile Serj Tankian and S.O.A.D FTW
"We are the cause of everythings that's gone wrong in the world.Civilization is over."-Serj Tankian-