linktimehero's Dojo Score 2100
Gender: Male
Location: Cathedral city, California, United States
Birthday: July 10, 1989
Joined: August 6, 2008
Favorite games:Wild Arms 3, Megaman Zero series, Every Legend of Zelda games, Dynasty warriors, Samurai Warriors, Unlimited Saga, Romance of Three kingdoms, Harvest moon, Left 4 dead, Resident Evil, Pokemon, Metal Gear solid series, Armored core, Advance wars, Dawn of war, Gears of war, Age of empires, The Sims series, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Dr.Mario, Animal Crossing, Geometry Wars, Disgaea, Kirby Games, Final Fantasy series, Marvel vs Capcom,Dragon Ball Z budakai series, Patapon, Starwars Rouge Squadron, Nexus the Jupiter incident, Star wars Battleground, Fire Emblem Awakening, Chrono Trigger and Cross
Xbox Gamertag:MisterLivix
September 23
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Jan 17, 2009:7th of 8 in Singles at Fighting on the Fast Track!
Jan 06, 2009:2nd of 5 in Singles at Item Tourney II: Dragoon Force (BEACH BALL PRIZE)

About me:Just your average everyday gamer.