luigi_Dld0's Dojo Score 500
Name:Zach Ireland
Gender: Male
Location: Mountain Home, Idaho, United States
Birthday: April 8, 1992
Joined: April 21, 2008
Favorite games:Melee all the way...and maybe some brawl for like 5 minutes I'll play just about anything else that can keep me interested for more than an hour
Brawl Friend Code:3652 0421 9977
April 8
Today is luigi_Dld0's birthday! 12:00 AM
Mar 28, 2009:4th of 9 in Melee Doubles, 4th of 18 in Melee Singles, 9th of 18 in Brawl Singles at Knuttz House Tourney

Knuttz House Tourney
4th place Melee Doubles
Mar 28, 2009

Knuttz House Tourney
4th place Melee Singles
Mar 28, 2009

About me:There's really not much to say about me...I love music, food, smash, and sleep. Other than that, i'm a pretty boring really white kid.

I love anime and manga. Just about anything, though I am hooked on Mahou Sensei Negima! and History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi right now.

Music...grindcore/experimental metal, with the occasional Gangsta Rap song thrown in there. Currently obsessed with Disfiguring the Goddess. Cameron Argon is my HERO!