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mightychir's Dojo Score 2400
Gender: Male
Location: Alhambra, California, United States
Birthday: September 2, 1994
Joined: March 21, 2009
Wii Number:0960 7024 9262 4698
Brawl Friend Code:1550 8880 9235
PSN Account:almightychir
January 23
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January 22
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Feb 06, 2010:0th of 0 in Brawl Singles, 25th of 32 in Brawl Singles Brackets at Unity!
Feb 05, 2010:7th of 55 in Brawl Singles at A common brawl tournament *1
Jan 21, 2010:17th of 42 in COM at A commen brawl tournament

Narigo1 wrote at 10:14 PM on Jan 24, 2014:
what is your psn?
Narigo1 wrote at 10:11 PM on Jan 24, 2014:
Hey man its been a long time. Im doing pretty good. So are you coming back? I thought you quit Brawl for good man. By the way, my psn is Narigo_Reborn
Narigo1 wrote at 12:59 AM on Jan 22, 2014:
Yup Still here :P
Taigakan wrote at 11:25 PM on Jan 21, 2014:
we can't play till like thursday, but definitely
Taigakan wrote at 10:54 PM on Jan 21, 2014:
now that apex is over i will play online again
Taigakan wrote at 9:59 PM on Jan 21, 2014:
oh hell no its not but its still hanging on
Taigakan wrote at 8:42 PM on Jan 21, 2014:
yea i am top 3 snakes in the state XD (at least competitive wise)

and yeah i use ALOT of different names, it couldve been like


Cocoa butter


Slither2Hunter wrote at 11:28 AM on Jan 21, 2014:
I is S2H. :0
Taigakan wrote at 9:34 AM on Jan 21, 2014:
we go back to like 09, I remember u said you used to play ally in canada, at least maybe once
Taigakan wrote at 9:06 AM on Jan 21, 2014:
About me:-Kay- wrote at 2:20 PM on Nov 15, 2009:
You want a homemade **** meat sandwich?

icon_sad I hate dares in truth or dare.... icon_sad I HATE YOU CHIR LOL