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Gender: Male
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Birthday: June 13, 1992
Joined: February 13, 2009
Favorite games:(J)RPG's (with compelling narratives that really immerse you in to their world), Action/Adventure platformers (I prefer 2D over 3D), Arcade-stlye racers (meaning completely unrealistic physics engine with over-the-top environments, characters, power-ups, etc.), Fighting games, Horizontal/Vertical shooters, and Puzzle games.
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October 20
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Jun 09, 2013:25th of 51 in ZXL Brawl Singles at ZXL Monthly I: The Come Up!
Sep 09, 2011:5th of 9 in Tetrominos Madness 2!! at Tetrominos Madness 2!!
Aug 03, 2011:5th of 20 in Low-Tier Tourney at Low-Tier Tourney

Special Series #1: Canadian Car Race
2nd place Singles
Apr 02, 2011

2nd place MKW Tournament #2
Jan 18, 2011

Master of the blade tournament
3rd place Tournament
Jun 18, 2011

person13nebur wrote at 3:28 AM on Oct 24, 2014:
Castle Town wrote at 8:02 PM on Sep 17, 2014:
Sorry it was dinner time and I was getting kinda hungry! GGS! You're good with a lot of characters unlike me lol
Geno wrote at 4:01 PM on Aug 24, 2014:
Mind trading me the promo card, A true collector?
Zork wrote at 6:17 PM on Jul 05, 2014:
Well aren't you a perfect person :D
Zork wrote at 12:16 PM on Jul 04, 2014:
Sweet, then we might meet up sooner or later, I plan on going wherever :I

How did that Speech go?
Zork wrote at 7:49 AM on Jul 03, 2014:
You plan on going to Smash 4 tournaments?
Zork wrote at 6:44 AM on Jul 03, 2014:
Glad I am not you, that sounds like it sucks, good luck on that.
Zork wrote at 6:40 AM on Jul 03, 2014:
My sleep schedule is bad, usually never awake from 12-7pm :I
Nows my fun time.
Zork wrote at 6:33 AM on Jul 03, 2014:
Palutenas Finest - Admiral Pit wrote at 2:37 PM on Jun 14, 2014:
It's the least I can do.
About me:Since there's a new iteration of smash, I guess I should update my bio. First off, my tag is Person. I'm a long time veteran of this site and have been active in the smash community since early '09. Because I came into the scene a bit late for Melee, my primary roots for competitive play lie within Brawl. It is the game I have invested the most amount of time into and have the most knowledge and understanding of. Though that's not to say it's the only smash game I play. I also play Project M quite a bit too, but right now I'm really trying to delve deeper into melee so I can finally be confident enough in my game play to actually warrant me entering at a tournament. Then of course there is Smash 4, which I personally believe has the most balanced roster out of all the smash games thus far. And since the mechanics in this game have a very similar structure to that of Brawl's, the overall transition is proving to be most rewarding! It is a really nice feeling being able come into this game and already be ahead of the curve, as I'm sure was the feeling for the majority of smash vets.
Outside of smash I'm just your typical college student with a part-time job. Currently I'm trying to get my Master's in Computer Engineering. Though I’m still not too sure what the heck I want to do with it…So yea, maybe you'll get to see me at a tournament if you ever happen to be in SoCal!

Smash is life, smash is love, and active person is active.