pjbuhl's Dojo Score 50
Gender: Male
Location: Hagerstown, Indiana, United States
Birthday: April 26, 1994
Joined: June 10, 2009
Favorite games:Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Pokemon D/P/PL, Any mario game, CoD series, RPG's, and the LoZ series
Brawl Friend Code:2535 7263 1482
April 26
Today is pjbuhl's birthday! 12:01 AM

About me:I am normally described as....well.....me? I guess there isn't anything to describe me as....I need a new adjective icon_wink. I am an avid brawler and am aiming to become a top player (So I can kill my friends repeatedly) and make great rivals and greater friends along the way.

I currenly play brawl, and the games made by AE (Artix Entertainment, if you haven't heard of em google it and check em out, they have a great community and even better games)

My favorite charecter in brawl is peach, I used to main luigi, but found a more comfortable playing style in peach...who is a lot more fun to beat people down with because she is wearing a pink dress and is well...a princess lol

you are reading this, be sure to add me as a friend (As long as your not creepy......) and I'm sure you won't regret it icon_wink So thats my past and present,so I'll be AFK carving my place in the world if ya need me.