whismurlover's Dojo Score 800
Gender: Female
Location: Hoenn, Washington, United States
Birthday: October 19, 1996
Joined: December 10, 2011
Favorite games:brawl ssbm mariokart ssb super sega sonic all star racing LoZ, tf2 pretty much anything nintendo and Valve
Wii Number:0000 0000 0000 0000
Brawl Friend Code:4040 7665 1426
Xbox Gamertag:crapbox
PSN Account:...
January 6
whismurlover changed her Pokémon team. 11:30 AM
whismurlover left mpdisney a shoutout. 11:22 AM
October 12
whismurlover joined the group Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U . 7:14 AM
whismurlover and JP the Pokemon X Trainer are now friends. 7:13 AM
whismurlover left Future Saiyan_Man a shoutout. 7:11 AM

JP the Pokemon X Trainer wrote at 8:46 PM on Jul 02, 2014:
I just found you are friends with mpdisney2 and ShadowSlash! ;)
notmx wrote at 2:27 AM on Apr 23, 2014:
mpdisney wrote at 12:59 PM on Feb 02, 2014:
Hey, do you see my friend code on my home page, because if you don't, then that's probably why I can't brawl with anybody.
xXjackXx wrote at 3:06 AM on Dec 25, 2013:
MERRY CHRISTMAS whismurlover :D
Fighter5kills wrote at 11:23 PM on Dec 24, 2013:
Merry 5killmas!! XD
mpdisney wrote at 4:50 PM on Oct 13, 2013:
Hey Whismurlover. I haven't talked to you ever since I changed my user. so if you ever want to chat with me, my user is not mpdisney2, It's mpdisney. And the picture Isn't samus, It's Link!! :)
Future Saiyan_Man wrote at 5:32 PM on Sep 17, 2013:
Yeah,he is telling the truth!I am Saiyan_Man from the future.Dark Saiyan_Man comes in th e future and takes over Aib!You gotta believe me!This is no show!This is real!
Saiyan_Man wrote at 5:38 AM on Sep 13, 2013:
What?No!Evil SM is not me!He's evil.I'm a good guy.I'm not trying to put on a show.You gotta believe me.That's not me.He's a evil clone of me.
Miel wrote at 8:18 AM on Aug 20, 2013:
Heh heh, I most definitely remember you. How you be?
poke3 wrote at 1:42 PM on Aug 14, 2013:
Yup I know
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