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8:35 AM on Apr 30, 2011
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11:10 AM on Oct 23, 2010


Rich Brown


I sandbag and lose important games · The Most Fun Character in Brawl is my Main · I HATE DAM BUTTON LAG JOIN IF U AGREE CAUSE I KNOW U DO =( · I HATE SPAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! · Respectful Smashers · !!!!!YO *** JUST GOT 3 STOCKED. DAMN!!!!!! · Captain Falcon Fan Club · The number 1 John i've heard is the character John · Polls group · All I Want Is A Beach Ball · HAPPY BIRTHDAY! · I join groups just to be in them but I don't really participate in anything they do. · I care about badges now that they change my name color · Spam Bros. · Risk it all for the SPIKE! · ~The Legacy Crew~ · I like playing people I probably won't beat · The Official ALLY fanclub · Wifi Waiting Room Sandbag DI · The Yankees Won The World Series · I get all excited when I log in with new alerts · Brawl Players Who have Hacked Wiis · East Coast · I didn't choose my main after looking at a tier list · I lol @ ppl who say you are amazing when they beat you, but john when they lose to you. · I freaking hate the edge of Final Destination! · Skype Club! · I FALCON PAWNCH! balls while playing sports. · The OFFICIAL Xin Fanclub~ · All the red snake users join this group! · NJ Smash · Super Mario Galaxy 2! · Metal Gear Solid Da Bess · The Offical DEHF (Larry) Fan-Club · Enrish Fan Club! · Soda Lovers · We Disagree With The New Blog Limit Restriction. · Who's That User? (Old) · PARENTS ARE A HUGE DISTRACTION! · Umad? · Ladder Decay Fails · I pwned someone so bad they ended the match before the Winner screen came up. <3 · Beautiful Peoples Club

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Gender: Male
Location: North Plainfield, New Jersey, United States
Birthday: July 24, 1995
Joined: April 30, 2009
Favorite games:All Kingdom Hearts games, all SSB Games, all of the Metal Gear Solid Series Games, Resident Evil 4 and 5 and the Dead Space series. Also the portal series as well. CAKE FTW! I <3 ZOMBIES!
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May 24
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Jul 30, 2011:3rd of 14 in YERRRRRRRR: A Wifi Doubles Tournament at YERRRRRRRR: A Wifi Doubles Tournament
May 25, 2011:49th of 116 in Brawl Singles at KTAR 5
Oct 23, 2010:5th of 8 in The Runback at Viridian City 8

Just For Fun Tournament!
1st place Singles
Oct 17, 2010

YERRRRRRRR: A Wifi Doubles Tournament
3rd place YERRRRRRRR: A Wifi Doubles Tournament
Jul 30, 2011

Happy Holidays It's GOOFY TIME # 10!!!
3rd place Singles
Dec 26, 2009

Just A monday
4th place Singles
Apr 05, 2010

About me:HEY GUYS! I'm 16 years old and usually spend most of my time AiBing or doing gay Homework but anyways I love to play SSBB and usually the Kingdom Hearts games. I also try to go to Offline Tourneys when they're available in my area. And One last thing, THE SMASH COMMUNITY IS AWESOME!

I also play baseball, wrestle, and try to spend most of my time hanging out with friends. When I'm not there I'm usually again doing gay HW or playing brawl or zombies. If your good at zombies hit me up! Xbox or PSN!

Trying to eliminate Wi-Fi habits is hard once you play Wi-Fi too much in the past. I'm going to more offline tournaments now and am traveling to play pros in order to get tips and to get better and eliminate bad habits. I won't be doing Wi-Fi singles anymore and will be sticking to Wi-Fi doubles and offline tourneys. If ANYBODY wants to carpool or meet up in a nearby state or city and play I'll be willing to travel if it's worth it.

The line of pros...(minus me and Jon) Can't fix the blur...if somebody could assist that would be awesome.

From left to right we have...
Ken/DSHN the ultimate falco.
Zen who quit and definitely should come back. Beast Meta.
Jon/xXJonSnakeXx who used to whoop by a s s in dittoes but hey things changed.
Ray/Raytay824 and his beasting ***** ***. IDC what anyone says but he's not a Wi-Fi noob. He's good both off and online.
And yours truly...me, and my ***** *** lol.
Missing from picture is Osama, Zen's brother (no not the one that the Seals killed) and -GDE-/Jihad because his ***** *** didn't want to come.

Me having a Kingasm at my old clan chat.
I miss you RT Crew! But not some of the people....lmao...